Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fancy Dinner means fancy lunch

Food items: steak, mac & cheese,mandarin oranges, apples and cucumbers on the side (not photoed) 
Tools: nothing special
Time spent: 20 minutes for two lunches
Notes: Last night's leftovers turn into a lunch for co-workers to be jealous of. The Mac and Cheese is super gourmet with three cheeses and truffle oil, making the smaller serving size just right.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first bento...again

For the past five years, I've attended Anime Weekend Atlanta and the past two times, I have attended bento box panels hosted by BENTO ANARCHY. I always leave inspired to be a bento making machine. Last year, I tried making large, elaborate and cute bentos because that was all. My efforts quickly failed. I lacked the time, skill, and tools which lead only to frustration.

This year, I am determined to take up my bento torch again and share my journey with others in hopes that it pushes me to stay true.

Unlike the character bentos that you see everywhere, these will be designed for an adult, may not always follow the bento color rules, and will be more practical than pretty.

Let the adventure begin!