Sunday, November 27, 2011

The post thanksgiving sandwich

My favorite part of thanksgiving is the meal I get to enjoy the next day. Here's my take on this ultimate sandwich.

Layer 1- primer
I lack good bread (due to previous sandwiches) but I still start with gravy and mayo on the bread I have

Layer 2- the meat
Then stack with turkey and stuffing/dressing. My husband's recipe for dressing takes 2 days and it slices so well that you can really stack it.

Layer 3-the middle
No sandwich is complete without cranberry sauce, from a can please.

The finale
Serve with other sides (my were made by my mom and are out of this world!)and enjoy!

Post thanksgiving lunch

A small lunch with some turkey day leftovers. Nothing fancy, but very delicious! Turkey with gravy, cranberry sauce and a small portion of stuffing. Grapes not pictured because I could not make them look cute.