Friday, May 13, 2011

Link day!

I want to get back into the bento mix (and I have a few lunches to share down the road!) but before I make my sad little attempts, I wanted to share the sites that inspire me with you. Let your eyes enjoy these cute sites!

Bento Anarchy -
The original inspiration. The person who runs this blog hosts a panel every year at AWA. I attended her panel the past two years and it's great every time! Not to mention, these are the cutest and most beautiful lunches you will ever see. I bet everyone kid in her daughter's class is jealous.

Just Bento -
These bentos are more adult than Bento Anarchy, but equally beautiful. I also want to get my hands on their book.

Bento Box! -
Don't know anything about bentos? Start here. It tells you everything you need to know. (And I totally remember that episode of Sailor Moon the images on that website come from.)

All Things for Sale -
This is where I like to shop for supplies as they are both cute and affordable.

Work Lunch Boxes -
And other sites like this...they sell easy bento boxes because it's already divided. Separate compartments also make it easy to clean in your dishware- a top priority for me. 

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